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Audit and assurance

Audit and assurance

One of the Leading Audit Firms In Dubai

One of the best Approved auditors in Dubai, our auditors are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge of the local and international standards of audit processes to provide high-quality financial statement audits to our clients.
Our range of audit and assurance services includes Financial Statement Audits, Agreed Upon Services, and Limited Assurance Services that are tailored to your business’s specific needs like accounting servicescompany formation and more.

In the highly competitive market, it is crucial to have a high-quality financial statement audit. The auditors in our company are having a deep understanding of the local as well as international standards that must be followed to maintain integrity in the audit process. These ae also prepared to keep in mind the knowledge of your company.

The audits we conduct are aimed at giving independence and objectivity to the financial statements of your company.

Our team of auditors has a range of experience in preparing financial statement audits for numerous clients. If you want to get a credible audit, we are here to help you.

Agreed upon services play its role here in deriving precise reporting and outcome of a work.

When a client wants to get a specific work to be done by a company and wants the auditors to have a precise report of it. We offer our expertise in this regard.

We agree on the specific scope of work and design our procedures that will be performed to achieve the objective and lastly, we report our findings in a precise and focused manner.

In an AUP assignment, we provide only factual findings and do not offer opinions, conclusions or assurances in the final report. Instead, we report simply the facts of the matter addressed.

A limited assurance engagement is a type of assurance engagement in which an auditor provides low-level assurance. These engagements usually have a specific purpose. Similarly, they have lower costs and time constraints. Therefore, it is not feasible for auditors to perform in-depth audits to collect audit evidence. However, some can also be more specific and have higher resource requirements.

From our team you will get high quality and more specifically limited assurance services. Assurance services vary as per the requirements of clients. Therefore, for the ease of the clients we are offering limited assurance services. Our experts will provide you with their best opinion against the suitable criterion.